Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

January 1, 2015 in: Blog, Safety & Maintenance

Driving in the Rain

No matter the time of year in B.C. we can pretty much count on rain, unfortunately rain is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road and whether it be a light drizzle or a torrential downpour driving in it can be stressful. Here are couple of tips you should know in order to drive safely on the roads.

The longer the amount of time since the last downpour the more dangerous it is to drive on wet roads, after a long dry spell engine oil and grease actually builds up on the road then when mixed with the rain the road becomes very slick and slippery.

If the forecast calls for rain or it is already raining out make sure you plan for some extra time in your commute, due to the weather conditions you may have to drive under the speed limit and often times traffic backs up more during poor weather conditions.

When driving in the rain you observe that your visibility is decreased make sure you switch on your headlights! The lights help you see the road better and make you more visible to other motorists. If it suddenly begins to rain so hard your windshield wipers can’t keep up or you feel in danger of hydroplaning pull over to the side of the road and wait for the weather to improve until you feel safe again.

Check your windshield wipers. After a long dry summer, they may dry out or start to crack and lose their effectiveness in removing water from your windshield. You want the clearest visibility when driving in the rain.