How to Teach Your Teenager Defensive Driving Skills

January 1, 2015 in: Blog, Safety & Maintenance

Teenager Defensive Driving

Parents across the country are having nightmares simply thinking about letting their kids get behind the wheel.

When parents have to teach their teens themselves, it is even worse. However you MUST prepare yourself since this time will ultimately come whether you like it or not, and this is why you need to have the ability to discuss clearly what defensive driving for teenagers is.

Find out the real issue

Usually teens are taught driving by their parents who were also instructed by their parents so on and so forth. As this skill set is passed down from generation to generation, many bad habits are also passed on, resulting in potentially many scary driving situations throughout the first two years after they get their license. Due to the fact that they did not get formal lessons from an accredited driving institution, not only do they lack the appropriate information concerning road safety, they may also not have the skills and capability to keep themselves, their passengers and surrounding motorists on the road safe.

Talk the talk and walk the walk

Think about how many years your kids have been watching you drive. What habits may they have picked up? Are they good, or not so good. If even you don’t practice what you preach, you can’t expect your kids to do exactly what you teach them to. Habits that could help your kids include slowing down when the light is about to turn red and not attempting to beat the red light. Start early on, so your children can live by example and absorb all those excellent driving practices that you have.

Enrol yourself in a refresher course

Sometimes you get so used to the things you are doing that you believe every little thing being done is right. When you try to go back and do things by the book, according to the law, you realize that some of these practices are incorrect and are not supposed to be modeled after by your kid. In this case, it might be a smart idea to register yourself in a refresher course from time to time.

Keep your cool

Early on, figure out if you have the tolerance and the patience to instruct your child. If you do not, be prepared to send them to a certified driving institution instead. Some things that seem simple to you could be complicated and quite confusing for your children, remember they are brand-new to this and it will take some time before they get the hang of driving. Stay calm and keep your cool, at some point your efforts will pay off. When you feel like you might lose your temper, stop and take a moment for yourself to cool down, resume later on when you have pulled yourself together.